Activate Your Inner Power


Want to know what your emotional blocks are? You may surprised to find out what has stopped you living the life that you desire. Book your RIM session or Emotion Code session to find out your emotional blocks and limiting believes so that you can #GetUnstuck


Grace’s debut memoir documents her journey from the tragedies of growing up poor in rural China and the struggles with her husband’s death, through the triumph of becoming a successful influencer and public icon. This heartbreaking and uplifting story is not one to miss. Order your copy of Finding Grace today.

Clear Emotional Blocks

Identify the thoughts and feelings that are holding you back. Find clarity in discovering your life purpose.

Unleash The Power Within

Ditch those limiting beliefs that are keeping you from pursuing your goals and passions in life. Create a better routine that improves your productivity 1% every day for a 10% better life.


I was really impressed. It’s realistic things. It’s not trying to transform your entire life in one day. It’s about making small changes– making 1% changes like she said.
Erin R. workshop participant

What I really liked was how great she used her story telling to connect with us. I think a lot of people can connect with her and I look forward to her future workshops!
Glenda G. workshop participant

A lot of workshops only inspire temporary change, but with Grace’s workshop, I feel that the goals and expectations I could set following the experience can be extremely realistic and achievable.
Natalie B. workshop participant