About Me


I am a public speaker, coach, social media influencer, and author of the memoir Finding Grace. I have more than 15 years of HR, corporate training, and management experience with several industries in China until I moved the United States in 2007.  In 2014 I established my brand, Color and Grace and have since amassed 140k followers, dedicating myself to helping others live their best life and #GetUnstuck.

Just like most immigrants, I was first stuck with learning English and American culture, then I was stuck with finding a job. At the same time, I was stuck with the emotional damage caused from my childhood and abusive relationships in my younger years.  I was stuck with growing my brand and was also stuck with overcoming the loss of my late husband. 

But I got unstuck. I developed a system called “Activate Your Inner Power” that uses energy healing to clean up the root of the problem by removing trapped emotions and limiting beliefs, then applying success principals to take you from where you are to where you want to be. 

I love sharing what I have learned through my personal journey to help you get unstuck too. Nobody can turn their life around in one day, but if you sign up for my workshop, online course, or personal coaching program to get unstuck, you can create a daily routine to make your life 1% better each day so that you can become 10% happier. 

Find out how at www.activateyourinnerpower.com #GetUnstuck

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