As a little girl growing up in rural China, I had no idea what my purpose in life would be. Even as an adult, I still hadn’t figured out how I should live my life. I was always living in survival mode.

Years later, I started living a “normal” life soon after meeting a wonderful man who came to love me beyond all measure. This man would soon become my husband, and my life would change forever. As some of you know, “forever “isn’t always as long as we would like it to be.

A decade of time together seemed to be gone in an instant when Bob got sick, passed away, and left me a young widow. My first startling moment, a glimpse at the work that would need to be done to survive on my own – once again – came through a simple cup of coffee.

Soon after Bob passed on, I was traveling alone and went to take a sip of coffee. It spilled. Everywhere. At that moment, I fully realized how much my beloved husband did for me…including tightening the lids on my cups of coffee.

My husband had been – and, in some ways, continues to be – my source of care, happiness, love, and confidence. After I lost him, I slowly realized that I would need to find these qualities within myself. Thus began my journey from tragedy to triumph, from poor widow to powerhouse. It was then that I made the decision to stop surviving and start thriving!

Will you journey with me?


"Grace's story speaks to all of us. Whether you've had loss with a spouse, a parent, a child or even a friend, it's a universal tale. Yet Grace portrays not only heart break but heart warming aspects also. Her story is real because it unfolds as it's happening. It's definitely not to be missed."
Jodie Filogomo
American Style Influencer
"As a 22-year-old, this book has spoken to me on so many levels.

It’s inspiring, true, and most of all it's relatable!"
Lois P.
"From Widow to Boss lady is the perfect example of how through adversity and one can lean on the love and support of people that love you and care about you to realize your dreams. It also shows that through heartbreak one can find the strength in themselves to rise above and make their dreams come true."
Julie Livingston Kane